Friday, August 2, 2013


Hey jammers, I've got afraid I have some bad news. My membership is going to expire :'(

I'm really sorry for you guys who watch my videos, but since i got a virus on the computer, my mom canceled the auto-renewed. but the virus is gone, but still I will lose my membership ;-;  but I will still make videos, don't chu worry! I hate when its time to your membership expiring.. but we will still subscribe, we will still record, and we will still make awesome mvs!
Happy and sad jamming, jammers. ;-; ~StarisacatAJ SplashFan

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

coral canyons pathway glitch!! c:

Hey jammers another post! ^.^ Today, I will show you the coral canyons pathway glitch!! umm.. here.. umm the way to do it is stand next to the way to coral canyons (rock) then change animals! When you change animals quickly, run over to the rock... and you'll be in there. Happy Jamming! ~StarisacatAJ SplashFan

coral Canyons/Epic Wonders glitch

Hey jammers ^.^ today I will show you a coral canyons/ epic wonders glitch!! First stand infront of epic wonders.

Then you get your mouse hovered over the journey book.

Then when you go in, click the journey book!

It'll take a little while.. but I think the glitch is patched now because I can't do it..
But happy jamming! ^.^ ~StarisacatAJ SplashFan

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oh god

Hey guys yet new item is green painted pot and I found a glitch on me earlier look

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Ok guys time for the buddy of the month! -Settles everything up- Ok this month's buddy is SnowflakeSleeper! Congrats, Snow! Reason why is she the buddy of the month: She is awesome at Deviant Art! *Stuffs waffle in her mouth*! Thats all for today more stuff tomorrow bye!

still not done with ending picture =-=